MSI intros new cameras at Computex 2015

MSI has a few new cameras to show off at Computex 2015, and while it's going easy on the details for now, we do have a look at the various devices and a general idea of what each one provides. There's the Cubecam, to start with, which looks like a distinct competitor to Polaroid's Cube camera. There's also a camera that brings with it a bunch of embedded infrared LEDs, allowing for use in dim and dark settings; and, finally, there's a high resolution IP camera with support for Android and iOS devices.

The Cubecam is described as a cube-shaped IP camera that includes night vision, perhaps being its most distinguishing feature when contrasted with competing cube cams. This camera features a 1280 x 720 resolution and 120-degree viewing angle, as well as time-lapse features and "local...recording functions". The camera is weatherproof and will be available in green, blue, red, white, and black.

Joining this is the new MSI Panocam, which is an IP camera featuring a 1600 x 1600 pixels resolution, time-lapse functionality, a 360-degree viewing angle, a feature referred to as "easy Data Over Voice audio pairing," and support for both iOS and Android smartphones, lending remote access to the footage.

MSI Panocam Pro, meanwhile, is a similar camera but with some "pro" features — namely the inclusion of six infrared LEDs, which give the IP camera night vision capabilities. The same features as the regular aforementioned Panocam are also there, as well, making this one more of a surveillance camera.

Information on availability and pricing hasn't yet been provided.