MSI GeForce N9600GT Diamond graphics with overclock button

Deep down, in my geeky heart of hearts, I know the one thing that can turn a good piece of tech into a kick-ass gadget is a big red button.  Thankfully MSI know that too, which is obviously why they've added a bright red overclock button to their GeForce N9600GT Diamond graphics card that they demonstrated at its ECOlution press conference in Taipei. When pressed, the graphics core and memory clock speeds are overclocked, and the voltage increased.

The Diamond has 2GB of GDDR3 memory and a brace of connectivity: HDMI, DisplayPort, dual DVI and optical audio output. In fact the company has fitted all of their current and upcoming VGA tech onto the card. It'll be bundled with the Dr.MOS software, that monitors real-time performance and fan speed.

Right now the N9600GT still needs some work: in SLI dual graphics mode the button won't work, but MSI are keen to point out that it's definitely on their to-do list. They've also kept quiet on exactly how far the overclock pushes the card. As for price, it's set to be more affordable than you might think; MSI are aiming for an RRP of $250 when it launches at the end of June.