Mozilla to name Gecko partners this month

It seems that this Mobile World Congress is just getting better and better by the moment – this most recent announcement coming from Mozilla that they'll be naming partners for their mobile OS "Boot2Gecko" at the event in a bit over a week in Barcelona! We had out own hands-on with the user interface of B2G or simply "Gecko" yesterday, it appearing to us to be much more of an interesting concept than a final product at the moment. What we've got here is a web-based mobile operating system looking to take a piece of the mobile market with a service that can potentially work from any web browser on any device.

What Mozilla Chief Technology Officer Brandan Eich said this week was that "B2G is partnering up" and to look for "more at MWC." We expect to see at least some hardware partners, but perhaps a whole lot more on the software side of things. If you take a peek at what they've got set up thus far for preview, you'll note that Facebook and Google Maps are already integrated, but it may just be for demonstration's sake. Having just seen the user interface for the B2G system thus far, we're excited to see the whole operating system in action.

Earlier this week at the newest unveiling of a set of Mozilla products, Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's vice president of products of the plan, had the following to say of B2G:

"A truly Web-based OS for mobile phones and tablets would enable the ultimate in user choice and developer opportunity, both from a technology and an ecosystem point of view. Boot to Gecko is a project to build a OS that runs HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS directly on device hardware without the need for an intermediate OS layer." – Sullivan

Would you consider using a web-based software on your mobile device? What this would mean is access to the local files you've got now potentially, but mostly a cloud-based experience not all that unlike what Google is doing with their Chrome OS. We'll be getting a much better look (we hope!) at Boot to Gecko sooner than later. Until then, cross your fingers it comes to fruition!

[via Brendan Eich]