Mozilla Seabird smartphone concept packs multi-angle pico projectors

Mozilla Labs has been working on a new concept smartphone, based on various tidbits and suggestions thrown into the virtual hat from the general public.  They've come up with the Seabird, a so-called "open web" handset that uses pico-projector technology to create an expansive interface that varies according to how it's placed.Video concept after the cut

For instance, if you drop the Seabird flat on a table, it creates "wings" consisting of two split-QWERTY panes and a trackpad area underneath.  When on its pedestal dock, meanwhile, the projected keyboard is all one block.  A sinuously curved chassis keeps the projector lenses partially elevated, together with making the smartphone nestle into the hand.

Unfortunately, Mozilla maintains it has no plans to produce a smartphone or even a smartphone OS – this is just a design exercise.