Mozilla CEO steps down after anti-gay marriage donation, subsequent outcry

It seemed like only a matter of time. When you donate money to an anti-gay marriage proposition in California, your employees are almost certainly going to have something to say about it. That's what happened with Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, resigning after a relatively massive outcry from employees after he donated $1,000 to an anti-gay marriage ballot.

Eich was a co-founder of Mozilla and will no longer be working with Mozilla in any aspect. An official Mozilla release suggests that they "didn't move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started." They went on to say "we're sorry" and "we must do better."

"Brendan Eich has chosen to step down from his role as CEO. He's made this decision for Mozilla and our community.

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.

Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome contributions from everyone regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views. Mozilla supports equality for all." – Mozilla

It's clear that Mozilla wants to get as far away from this situation as possible. In his resignation from the company, Eich also shows that he either wants to get out of this situation as fast as possible, doesn't want Mozilla to have to suffer for it, or both.

Perhaps the most important line from a business angle on this situation is Mozilla's note: "thank you for sticking with us." They made certain to suggest that they will "emerge from this with a renewed understanding and humanity" and that "we need to put our focus back on protecting [the] web."

VIA: Mozilla