Moving Out released to Nintendo Switch, PS4, launch day 1 on Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox One Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC crews have a day 1 release in store for the month of April, as of today. The game Moving Out was released for multiple platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and it's ready to roll immediately. This game is made for both single-player and co-op play, and it looks like a curmudgeon of a blast of a good time.

The folks that've created Moving Out clearly had multiple audiences in mind when in the process of game playability. While this game could appear to be for kids, it's actually made for kids of all ages. That includes very old kids like your grandmother. Imagine how entertaining it'll be to watch your grandmother try to move a sectional couch out the door and off the wing of an airplane into a moving vehicle – neat!

Above you'll see the game Moving Out as shown for Nintendo Switch. This game wont be nearly as complicated as Animal Crossing, but it'll certainly appear to give the platform's most popular game a run for its money. There's no better time in the history of the world than now to get rolling on a co-op game if you're just sitting home turning into a potato during quarantine.

Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass also revealed the games Machinarium and Gears Tactics for April for free games with the services. Both games are also very much worth a quick click and an overnight try-out session. Gears Tactics is a classic tale of intense difficulty – turn-based and strategic. Machinarium is all about pointing and clicking – it's cute!

Take a peek below for additional Xbox Game Pass updates and stay tuned as we report on new titles coming to the service in the near future. Cross your fingers for more multiplayer on all platforms!