Movie Studio tablet App at Google Event During Mobile World Congress 2011

We're here at the Google presentation speeches here at Mobile World Congress 2011, and the music is loud. After presenting a monumentally impressive moving infographic showing the increase of Android Activations worldwide since launch, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google continued the statistics, everything leading up to "the world's fastest growing mobile platform," a powerful claim indeed. Schmidt notes that he believes that we will eventually grow to serve technology – that we are losing the battle against cold, lifeless contact between real humans. He goes on about how mobile is decimating PC, how connection speeds are increasing, and how the future is serendipity – gaining accomplishments, knowledge, and relationships you did not know about before you hopped on the computer (or here, the phone.) Eventually, after about 15 minutes of rather impressive statistics, the app was revealed in earnest.

Schmidt continues by noting the Cloud and how we're in an age where it doesn't matter what machine you're on, you can drop it and pick up another to access the very same info. He asks Google exec Gill to the stage who introduces the Nexus S uploading photos to Picasa and notes that the Motorola XOOM would be good for this as well.

He then shows off a new App called Movie Studio. This is slick a movie editor that works with still photos and movies, effects, zooms and more. Essentially it looks like a very simple movie editor (like the one on that fruit-based platform, for example, with an i in front of it.) The difference here is the simplicity in using via a touch interface. Dragging and dropping with fingers.

He then saves for YouTube, checks his channel, and uploads the video in basically an instant. Once we're able to access the video (in a couple minutes, it seems, we'll be able to upload it here. Very neat.

Google Video Studio for Android Honeycomb demo:

[vms 6830d62765ffad772174]