Mouse Blister promises grippier mousing

It would be, perhaps, too easy to write off the Mouse Blister as a gimmicky, ridiculous idea, and so we'll leave any value judgement up to you.  Intended to prevent your mouse from slipping out of your hand, shooting off across the desk or leaving you with a twisted, withered claw, the system consists of 25 self-adhesive pads that give the peripheral a "moth-eaten armadillo" appearance.

The pads are made from the same rubber you'd usually find on the hand-grips of motorcycles, only thicker and more tenacious.  According to Mouse Blister themselves, they'll help prevent "CTS & Tendonitus Symptoms associated with prolonged mouse use."

Right now you'll have to like black, as that's the only color on offer, but they're planning red, blue, yellow and white versions soon.  Price is $8.99 for 25 pieces, and you even get free-shipping. Anybody tempted?

[via Gear Diary]