Mountain Lion Preview 2 Adds Twitter Notifications And iCloud Tab Support

Apple seeded the latest version on its developer preview of Mountain Lion on Friday, and the newest additions to the OS have been detailed. There have been three new notable features added to Beta 2: Twitter integration in the Notification Center, iCloud support for tabbed browsing, and a permission request when apps access contact information.

Apple included a Notification Center in Mountain Lion, offering similar functionality to what services like Growl provide. In the first developer preview, only Apple built apps were able to make use of notifications, but now 9to5Mac have discovered that you can receive Twitter notifications for mentions and direct messages.

The second new feature is iCloud support for tabs. Mountain Lion will keep track of what tabs you have open in Safari, then upload that data to iCloud so the same tabs will be synced across other Mac machines and iOS devices. Right now you manually activate the feature with the iCloud button added to Safari.

Finally, Apple have added a warning notification when an app is trying to access user and contact information. This is most likely in response to the way iOS app Path accessed and uploaded contact information to their servers without asking permission first.

At its core, Mountain Lion has been designed to bring features from iOS over to OS X in order to unify both operating systems. Features that have been worked into Mountain Lion include tight iCloud integration, iMessage support, the Notifications Center, and Twitter integration. Check out our full Mountain Lion preview here.

[via Cult of Mac]