Mount Everest: Now with WiFi

If you happen to be one of those sorts of people who like to scale things, things like, say, a giant mountain called Mount Everest, and you'd like to share your business with the world while you're up there, you're now in luck. Right up near the top there is a brand new 3G station (plus 6 more around the area) set up by Ncell, a subsidiary of Swedish telecom company TeliaSonera. Go up there and stream a football game or something. That'd be neato.

The location of the highest point of connection is near the 17,000-foot base camp, the last gathering point on the mountain before you reach the top. You could do this before now if you really, really wanted to, but you'd have had to carry heavy satellite equipment all the way up there. Cellphone calls also worked before (at the lower levels,) but not internet. In my opinion, the next place NCell should go with this setup is the Gulf of Danzig. That would be very metal.

[Via ABC News]