Motorola Zeppelin spotted pre-launch in Brazil

A new Android handset believed to be the Motorola Zeppelin has been spotted in Brazil, where's it's expected to go on sale imminently.  Gizmodo Brazil caught up with the entry-level smartphone, which runs Android 1.5 and packs Motorola's MOTOBLUR social networking aggregation.

Otherwise specifications aren't entirely clear – this is only a prototype, too – but the Zeppelin is described as a Motorola BACKFLIP without the hardware keyboard.  The original source works for Motorola, apparently, where the phone was demonstrated to employees last week.

The Zeppelin is expected to go on sale in Brazil in March 2010, but there's no confirmation or otherwise about whether it could cross over to the US or Europe; last we heard, however, there were rumors of it arriving at some point on T-Mobile USA.  Although there's a market for budget Android devices, we can't get quite as enthusiastic over them as some of the high-end options we're expecting to see in the next six months.

[via Android Community]