Motorola XYBOARD waterproof editions revealed

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This week the folks at Motorola have brought forth some new tablets for the whole world to fawn over – waterproofed XYBOARDs! This release doesn't exactly bring a whole new tablet – or tablets, as it were – to the table, but re-releases the XYBOARD in two new editions with one big modification: waterproofing. In the advertisements released thus far, this amazing ability is being shown as Saint Patrick's Day savior, stoppering up the Irish whiskey you'll soon be consuming.

What brilliant beast of a masterpiece is this, two new tablets from Motorola the same week Apple's released their new iPad? It's the same naming technique, two, with no additional name added on to the XYBOARD specification, just a bit more protection for your everyday consuming of the liquids. Spill proof in addition to the already rough and tough Gorilla Glass fronts we've got in tact – is this enough for you to want the Verizon 4G LTE Android slates? There's a catch in there – the LTE isn't included this time around.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's just the Wi-fi versions of the tablets you'll be grabbing with waterproofing all around, as the Saturday Night Live "it breaks immediately" gag holds strong for dunking your LTE XYBOARD into the drink. Note of course that doing this is never a good idea, even if you do have waterproofing on your devices – spillproof doesn't mean "left in the kiddie pool for 2 hours" proof. That said, every single version of the XYBOARD now on the market is tough as nails in many more ways than one.

You can pick up either the 10.1-inch XYBOARD or the 8.2-inch XYBOARD from Motorola's own online store exclusively. And have a peek at our review suite below of both of these devices. They're Android on Motorola tablets the way it always should be!