Motorola XOOM granted USB Host support

The iPad 2 may be polished but Android 3.0 Honeycomb slates are arguably more flexible, at least once the hacking community gets its hands on them. Motorola's XOOM has been granted USB Host support, allowing it to access USB drives and peripherals like wired keyboards.

The hack is the handiwork of arch Android tablet modder roebeet, who is already known for his efforts on Augen's Gentouch slate and the Viewsonic G-Tablet. It requires a rooted XOOM in order to work, along with a compatible OTG USB cable such as this one priced at around $4.

Once installed, plug in some form of USB storage and it should auto-mount and allow you to browse it with a file manager app. The only hiccup might be drives that require more power than the XOOM's USB port pumps out.

[via Android Community]