Motorola wants to trade you the Moto X for a penny

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As they gear up to refresh their flagship Moto X, Motorola hasn't given up on their current model. This Monday, you'll be able to customize your Moto X, have it shipped to you, and try it out for 14 days — all for a penny. For one day only, Motorola will let you customize and try a Moto X nearly free of charge.

This also comes as Motorola prepares to shutter their Texas plant, where Moto X devices are assembled. The promo may also indicate that the newer Moto X, currently dubbed the X+1, will have different specs altogether, or not be customizable.

The promo is for non-contracted devices only, so no discounts will be applied. Motorola also says the promo is "while suppies last", further hinting that they're running low on devices or things like colorful volume rockers. That lends credence to the X+1 being a wholly different device, perhaps losing customization (which clearly didn't work out so well).

Not much is known about the deal at this time, but you'd likely need to give your credit card info ahead of shipment. Motorola may also put a hold charge on your card for the full amount, so be prepared to have a touch of limited credit during your trial.

Source: Motorola