Motorola teases mystery smartphone with 4G LTE

A brand new Motorola smartphone is headed your way soon from Motorola and either Verizon or AT&T, with the manufacturer teasing the shape of the device today. The final product will be revealed August 10th, but for now we have but two details: the device is going to look like a big rectangle with extremely sharp (yet rounded) corners, and it'll have 4G LTE. Our guess is as good as yours, just as long as your guess is the Motorola RAZR HD (or DROID RAZR HD if it ends up rolling out on Verizon) – it's almost a sure bet!

What you'll see above is Motorola's image showing what they want you to see thus far of this device – below you'll find the Motorola RAZR HD, a device that's been leaked already with features surprisingly similar to what we're expecting here from the big M. This device will certainly have a display thats sharper than the original DROID RAZR, will have a body that's just a bit different all around, and will be rocking some really quite square corners. If you head to the Facebook page where this device has been shown (in blanked-out gray and red) you'll see the following text as well:

Let's play a game, Guess the Smartphone. We'll give a clue each day all week and make the big reveal on Friday. I have the power of 4G LTE. Which smartphone am I?

There's nothing specifically pointing toward the idea that this device is a NEW phone, you might want to notice, but it isn't often that Motorola plays a game like this without pushing a device that doesn't yet exist on the market. Other options here are the RAZR MAXX or the original RAZR, as they're both also relatively square, so to speak, but we're banking on the following image being a pretty good match.

The image you see above comes from Android Community where they picked it up from some inside sources posting on Droid Forums. The device doesn't quite have the same squareness to its corners like the teaser above does, but it's pretty close. Close enough that we'll shake on it.