Motorola RAZR HD coming soon

Chris Burns - Apr 24, 2012, 2:52pm CDT
Motorola RAZR HD coming soon

There’s no denying that Motorola has stuck to their guns when they said that the RAZR was a hero for them and that they’d be staying the name for some time to come as this week we’re seeing a 720p version called the RAZR HD hit the wild. A couple of photos have been seen over in China at Gfan where this Motorola RAZR HD will be bringing not just 720p, but Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box. Can we expect this titan to hit Verizon just like its predecessors over the past few months?

This version of the smartphone appears to be running on China Mobile and is currently running the newest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, that being 4.0.3 just like the Transformer TF300. This device will be coming with a dual-core 1.2GHz OMAP 4430 processor from Texas Instruments and will have an unknown amount of onboard storage when it’s released – likely 16GB. Past versions of the RAZR with Android have had 32 and 16GB iterations with a microSD card slot to expand by 32GB on the fly.

The Motorola RAZR HD will more than likely be coming with the same 3000mAh battery as the RAZR MAXX so as to keep with the theme of this phone getting bigger each time it’s released, and will also have the newest version of Motorola’s UI “Blur.” Though we’ve not seen much of the word “Blur” or Motoblur as its sometimes referred to, Motorola has continued to use their now-unnamed user interface in phones globally. See you soon, HD!

[via Android Community]

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6 Responses to Motorola RAZR HD coming soon

  1. How about this:

    REPLACE the Droid RAZR, Droid RAZR MAXX, whatever else is out there in the RAZR lineup and have

    RAZR HD (720p display and 3000 mAh battery)
    White, Black, purple(?) that come out all at the same time
    16GB for $200 on contract ($500 to $650 w/o)
    32GB for $250-$300 on contract ($600 to $750 w/o)
    64GB for $350 to $400 on contract ($700 to $850 w/o)

    Maybe even drop it buy $100 even.

    And then offer a pentaband version that can work on T-mobile/at&t.

    Do that, you’ll sell a hell lot more than just having it on Verizon only. 

    GSM version to work on BOTH at&t/t-mobile and a CDMA version that works on BOTH sprint/verizon.

    Edit: Maybe replace the CPU with a newer TI CPU, if there are any out. Also improve the cameras as well.

  2. When a company does the all in one, a phone that is the CPU for an ultra and a tablet, then I am all in. Until then there is no way I’m upgrading.

    The phone needs to have a 5″ display at least, the Ultra a 10″ with a keyboard dock available. Make a 7″ display available an accessory. Must haves are USB, HDMI out with a wireless ultraband to send the display from phone to tablet or Ultrabook.

    Sell it on the middle range for phone only with each accessory available separately.

    For the manufacturer and mobile telecomms? Sell one item and then upsell two more. 

  3. Hi Im Motorola, and i make awesome phones.But realistically I make an awesome phone. Every few months I upgrade one component of this phone and re-release it with a new name in tow.This way, when you list the names of all the phones Ive released, its greater than my competitors. And so is my profits since i spend less on R&D & design. :)Sincerely Motorola

  4. Razr for $99, Razr Maxx for $150 (The battery is the only change and extended batteries are around $50 anyway, so that’s the more realistic price), and the Droid Razr HD should be $249. It’ll be faster, more powerful, better screen, etc…and coming in $50 less than Verizon’s top tier stuff.  

    Plus I have that $50 off thing from Best Buy so $199 for a Razr HD seems pretty good.

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