Motorola One Fusion leaks point to another mid-range contender

You have to give Motorola props for being persistent, pushing out phone after phone despite less than encouraging sales numbers on all tiers. That, however, also comes at the price of confusion when there are too many options to choose from, especially when the choices are too similar to each other. That hasn't exactly stopped phone makers and Motorola doesn't seem to be interested in bucking that trend. Just two months after launching its flagship Edge pair, Motorola is expected to launch the One Fusion+ and One Fusion to target mid-range market this time.

The non-Plus Motorola Edge is actually already straddling the fine line between mid-range and premium. The Snapdragon 765G marks it for that tier but the 5G support gives it an advantage over other mid-range phones. That advantage, however, won't be available to the Motorola One Fusion+ if the latest accidental leak from YouTube's Device Report is anything to go by.

Contrary to leaks last month, the One Fusion+ will be equipped with a Snapdragon 730, just a generation shy of what the Motorola Edge has. It also has a smaller screen, measured at 6.5 inches, but still maxes out at 1080p just like the cheaper Edge. Amusingly enough, YouTube's incorrect image for the Motorola Edge suggests the company mistakenly swapped the two, with the One Fusion+ potentially looking like the phone below.

XDA was also able to gather more information about the phone, including the 4 to 6 GB of RAM and 64 to 128 GB of storage. Along with the 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 camera, the Motorola One Fusion+ is starting to sound more like a variant of the Motorola Edge.

To complicate matters more, there is also a Motorola One Fusion, no plus, that's expected to debut in June. With a foldable Razr, two Edge phones, two One Fusion+ phones, some One and G models, Motorola is practically covering all its bases in the smartphone market. That or it's just throwing everything it has at a wall to see which ones stick.