Motorola One Fusion+ mid-range phone tipped to launch in a few weeks

For the past years, Motorola has been known for flooding the market with mid-tier handsets, be it from its older G and E families or from its slightly newer Motorola One line. It hasn't launched a flagship-worthy premium phone in a long time, something that may finally change with the expected announcement of the Motorola Edge+ tomorrow. That won't stop it from launching more mid-range phones, though, and at least two may be following shortly.

The Motorola One, the first of which is pictured above, started out as a couple of handsets that the company seemed to have earmarked to bear Google's Android One flavor. In practice, Motorola seemed to have trouble keeping up with the fast-paced release of updates and that characteristic became pretty much irrelevant in future models. The line then simply become Motorola's "mass premium" selection, of which the rumored Motorola One Fusion and One Fusion+ are expected to be.

91mobiles got hold of some details about one of these two, specifically the Motorola One Fusion+, codenamed Liberty. It will run on a Snapdragon 675, which leaves out the possibility of 5G support. 4 or 6 GB of RAM is expected as well as 64 or 128 GB of storage.

From the rest of the specs, the phone will be pretty basic. So basic that it won't even have an NFC radio, a common component even in mid-range phones these days. The 12 megapixel main camera is just as basic. The site doesn't specify if the Android 10 it will launch with is an Android One edition but it is expected to be updated to Android 11 when the latter comes out.

Motorola's Nokia-like strategy of throwing everything on a wall to see what sticks hasn't exactly been working wonders for the company so far. It has tried to reinvent and prove itself to be hip by launching the new Motorola Razr with a foldable screen but that only generated interest for a short while. The Motorola Edge and Edge+ might be better bets but, should those fail, it seems that it will fall back on what it does best, flooding the market with mid-range phones.