Motorola one 5G UW ace now Verizon's cheapest entry to 5G

Verizon just added the Motorola one 5G UW ace to their collection as their most affordable entry point into 5G connectivity. This device is made to be the least expensive way for any Verizon user to drop in on 5G (with Ultra Wideband connectivity) and Verizon Adaptive Sound. It's also a pretty decent phone for $300 (or around $12.50 a month for two years).

Motorola revealed iterations of this device earlier this year, with devices like the Motorola one 5G Ace – alongside the 2021 collection of Moto G phones. This version of the device is slightly different as it has Verizon's UW (ultra wideband) 5G enabled, and has access to Verizon's sound feature called Verizon Adaptive Sound.

We've yet to test this tech out, so take that into consideration when we describe it, here. Verizon suggests that Verizon Adaptive Sound is a software and cloud-based solution that delivers you a "brilliant spatial surround experience" with sound on any piece of content and through whatever device you're listening to sound with.

Verizon Adaptive Sound will "automatically optimize the content for your listening device" and allows manual controls for treble, bass, spatial, voice, and etcetera. Verizon Adaptive Sound can be found in your device's settings under Sound.

Above you'll see a video created by Verizon to show what this Verizon Adaptive Sound tech is all about, specific to this Motorola one 5G UW ace. Verizon suggests that this smartphone will be the first to use this tech, but it COULD be sent to older smartphones via software update in the future.

The Motorola one 5G UW ace will be available from Verizon this week for approximately $12.50 per month for 24 months with "Verizon Device Payment". All totaled, that approximately $300 retail. If you are signing up with Verizon for the first time and sign up with a Premium Unlimited Plan, you can get this smartphone "for free."

As is generally the case, the phone's price is still effectively spread out over the course of 24 months. If you decide to leave the plan before the 2 year period is over, the remainder of the price of the phone will almost certainly be due.