Motorola One 5G release may be Moto's key USA win in late 2020

Motorola One 5G is the newest 5G-toting smartphone released by Motorola in a wave of devices meant to capture all segments, low to high. This is a midrange smartphone with four cameras at its back and a pair of lenses up front peeking out through a pair of holes in the device's display. The Motorola One 5G has a 6.7-inch display that covers 84.3% of the front of the device with 1080 x 2520 pixels (409 PPI) and a 90Hz refresh rate with HDR10).

NOTE: The Motorola smartphone known as "Motorola One 5G" is essentially the same device as we saw revealed earlier this year under a different name. Back when the device was first revealed for international markets, it was known as the Motorola Moto G 5G Plus (as you'll see in the timeline of links below), or Moto G 5G+. Keep that in mind while you read any other details about this device – read on!

The Motorola One 5G a side-mounted fingerprint reader, a 3.5-inch headphone jack, and Bluetooth 5.1 inside. This device can connect with Wi-Fi 6 and has an NFC reader for mobile payments and NFC tag scanning.

The front pair of cameras are very similar to what you'll find on a few other devices with similar prices. Take for example the OnePlus Nord, another midrange phone with two cameras up front – one main shooter and one for ultra-wide shots. On the front of the Motorola One 5G you'll find 16MP main camera lens and an 8MP ultra-wide lens.

There's a significantly sizable battery inside, rolling in at 5000mAh. If this device has the same battery charging speed as the Moto G 5G it'll have 20W – we'll let you know if that changes when the full specifications are revealed imminently.

This device will be released October of 2020 with a pricetag that'll likely mirror that of the Moto G 5G. We're expecting that you'll pay around or under $500 – stick around to see where it ends up! UPDATE: This phone will be available from both Verizon and AT&T inside the month of October. Motorola's Verizon version of this device will have mmWave 5G, while the AT&T version will be closest to the Moto G 5G with sub-6 5G connectivity.