Motorola MOTONAV TN765t PND gets reviewed: beauty not brains

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At first glance, the Motorola MOTONAV TN765t PND should be perfect.  Huge, 5.1-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, Bluetooth, text-to-speech and lane guidance, along with a lifetime traffic subscription and the ability to access Bing searches and other online content via your cellphone.  Unfortunately, as GPS Tracklog's review reveals, it seems Motorola may have spent too much time on the slick UI and not enough getting the basics right.Video demo after the cut

Despite the huge screen, Motorola don't seem to allow you to have all the usual information displayed at once: you can only see ETA or current speed, for instance, not both.  Motorola have also used a two-panel layout, with mapping on the right and different contextual panes on the left, and navigating through the latter is apparently trickier than it ought to be.

Throw in the fact that voice-searches are sluggish to respond and you're looking at a PND that's not quite everything it should be.  There are some strengths: decent Bluetooth handsfree performance, for instance, and speedy power-on times, but you're making some sacrifices for $280.