Motorola Motofone F3 is cheap and cheerful

Chris Davies - Feb 25, 2007

We’ve all done it – concentrated on swish, high-end cellphones like the Treo or anything from HTC’s bevy of well-spec’d monsters, ignoring the cheaper end of the handset range.  And it looks like we’ve lost out by doing it, if Mitchell Oke’s review of Motorola’s ultra-budget Motofone F3 is anything to go by.

 Motorola Motofone F3 e-ink display

This really is a basic phone in comparison to most of the market: you pretty much get calling and SMS functions, and because they’re generous a clock as well.  The screen uses a low-power monochrome e-ink technology, and is segmented like a calculator display.  That means you get a fantastic battery life: Motorola claim 2+ weeks, and so far Mitchell doesn’t doubt that figure. 

 Motorola Motofone F3

Despite being quite attractive in a slender, obelisk sort of way, the F3 is well-constructed and pretty tough.  You’ve got to check out Mitchell’s video of him manhandling it and treading on it.

 Motorola Motofone F3

Motorola Motofone F3 Review [Gear Diary]

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