Motorola Moto DVX set for sub-Nexus price and low-end specs

There's a device out there in the wild called the Motorola Moto DVX, and it's being prepared by the folks at Motorola to do battle with the likes of the least expensive phones on the market. This device looks and feels rather similar to the Moto X, but it wont be delivered with the same near-high-end specifications. Instead it'll be cut down to the bare minimum, delivered with the ability to take on the Motorola quality and abilities delivered with the Moto X with modifications made to cut the price right out from under it.

According to a notoriously accurate micro-blogger by the name of Monkey Great Treasure (please excuse the absurd excellence of the translation), the Motorola DVX will be delivered with a 4.5-inch display. This source also suggests that this machine will have a variety of back-cover colors, each of them removable and perhaps even interchangeable. In this way, the DVX works as a slightly more versatile machine than the Moto X.

This same source suggests that you'll still be working with the Motorola X8 Compute System, the same as delivered in the Moto X, Droid Mini, Droid Maxx, and Droid Ultra. This means you'll have the ability to work with "OK Google Now" voice commands without touching the smartphone and will have always-on abilities like the shake-to-activate camera.

The display on the DVX has been suggested to be distinctly "not super amoled", which means it may not be as bright as the Moto X with its own Amoled panel. Estimated street price of this machine – off-contract – has been tipped at between 1200 – 1500 Yuan. That means it's right around $200 – $250 USD, in the end, off-contract. Sound like a good enough combination of elements to you?

We'll certainly see a new gush of information on this machine in the near future – until then, stay tuned through SlashGear's Motorola tag portal. Also hang around the archive through the timeline below for more tracking of this "budget" Moto X.

VIA: GforGames