Motorola is Focusing on Android for Now, Talks About Tablets & HTC

Evan Selleck - May 27, 2010, 6:20 pm CDT
Motorola is Focusing on Android for Now, Talks About Tablets & HTC

Co-CEO of Motorola, Sanjay Jha, decided to open up in regards to just about anything that his company might be thinking about for the future, which included HTC, tablets (of course), and where he and his company stand on that proprietary Operating System (OS) he mentioned a few months back. There’s not a lot that we didn’t see coming, and definitely no surprises here, but nevertheless it’s always good to hear it coming from a company’s Chief Executive, rather than the rumor mill.

First up, Android 2.2 and how it relates to Motorola’s devices. Jha said that he and his company would be “aggressive” in bringing Froyo to its devices. That plays right into the hands with the statement we received from the company a few days back, and sheds a bit more light on what they meant about “devices.” It’s pretty clear now that Jha intends for the latest version of Google’s mobile OS to show up on some other handset, and not just the DROID. Which handsets, of course, remains to be seen. (And yes, that could very well mean “future” devices.)

Also touching on the subject of Android and HTC, Jha said that he isn’t worried about the Droid Incredible stealing away any of the thunder brought to the scene by Motorola’s original DROID. He admits that his company has more Droid phones coming down the pipe that he’s excited about, which definitely includes some for Verizon Wireless, which we’ll go ahead and assume is (at least) the Motorola Shadow. As for Motoblur? There’s apparently a new version of it coming out later this year, but there aren’t any more details to elaborate on that.

And finally, talk about tablets is never far off from this day and age. How does Motorola feel about them? They make good “companion devices,” and that’s about it. Jha admitted that Motorola is thinking “about the right solution there,” but didn’t suggest that they were actually working on anything on that front. So, no Motoblur tablets. It sounds like Jha and company have a firm plan for what’s coming, and we can’t wait to see what it leads to.

[via Electronista]

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