Motorola Assist and Connect apps hit Google Play

Motorola has rolled out a pair of new smartphone applications for users of some of its Android devices. The new apps are Assist and Connect. Both of the apps are available on the Google Play store right now. The apps are compatible with a limited number of Motorola devices so they won't work for everyone.

The Motorola Assist application is designed to allow users to set up rules or specific events. That allows you to do things like automatically block or reply to calls with a SMS message while driving. You can also have the automatic replies set to reply to calls if you are sleeping. The app allows users to enter hours when you don't want to be bothered at night.

The Motorola Connect application is designed to work with the Google chrome browser extension. The purpose of the app is to bring message and call notifications from the phone to the desktop. The app allows the user to see who is calling so they can decide to answer or ignore the call.

The app will also give SMS notifications and allow users to reply from the web browser. It seems that Google+ Hangouts has to be used as the SMS app for that feature to work. Both of the apps are free, but will work only with the Moto X, Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini smartphones.

SOURCE: Android Community