Motorola And Verizon Wireless Launching Two Droid Devices In July

The Wall Street Journal's got a hot tip that says Motorola isn't planning on just releasing one new Droid device in the near future. Apparently the company wants to make sure that they grab customer's attention, and what better way to do that then to release more than one handset in the same month? If the sources are correct, then that's exactly the game plan that Sanjay Jha and company are sticking to.

According to the WSJ, Verizon Wireless will be promoting two new Android-based handsets made by Motorola. Further to the point, it's being said that Verizon will be promoting the new handsets with just as much showmanship as they did the original DROID. Of course, it's up to Verizon which handsets get the "Droid" title, and while they haven't necessarily been all that strict with the title so far, we really doubt any future handset that Motorola releases won't get it.

We already know that Jha and Motorola as a whole are banking on Android for the foreseeable future, and it's no surprise to us that they're launching new Droid devices. It may be a bit soon, considering it wasn't too long ago the original DROID launched on Big Red, but maybe it's just long enough to make the early adopters feel like they didn't get duped. Then again, we imagine those DROID owners are plenty happy, especially with talk of 2.2 being provided to them in the near future. Now, about that Motorola Shadow. How about we get some official announcement, eh?

[via Wall Street Journal]