Motorola: 20 new Android phones by end of 2010 [Updated]

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Motorola has confirmed its plans to launch a full twenty Android based smartphones this year, with a range of devices running MOTOBLUR like the FLIPOUT and some packing hardware QWERTY keyboards.  According to Tom Satchwell, director of marketing for Motorola's mobile devices business, not all of the new devices will necessarily arrive in every region or even launch with carrier support.  For that, Satchwell blames Motorola's ramping-up of Android support – something the company basically flipped to late last year – being faster than the general product cycle the carriers like to stick to.Update: Motorola have been in touch to clarify Satchwell's comments.  It turns out that, rather than 20 new phones being released in 2010 alone, he meant there will be – by the end of the year – a total of 20 different Motorola Android devices since the company's first models in 2009.

If it were up to Satchwell, all of Motorola's devices would launch worldwide; unfortunately, in the real-world some don't get the attention they perhaps deserve.  A good example of this is the Motorola MILESTONE, the European version of the Motorola DROID, which launched though distributors rather than via carriers, and saw significantly less consumer attention as a result.  We're tentatively concerned that the same thing might happen to the new XT720, unveiled today, which will similarly launch via distributors; Motorola aren't talking about any carrier partnerships as yet.