Moto Z Pro Camera mod to come soon from Hasselblad

Like the LG G5 before it, the "modular" Moto Z was unveiled with only a few of its swappable "smart" back covers which might not have inspired the imaginations of users. Like the LG G5, the Moto Z also promised more types of modules possible, including one that seemed to take on Microsoft's Continuum concept, except for Android. But unlike the LG G5, one of those new Moto Mods might actually be just around the corner. Popular camera maker Hasselblad has an event set for June 22nd and, according to rumors, one of its new products will be a camera mod for Motorola's latest flagship.

Thanks to pre-announcement leaks, we've seen a list of upcoming Moto Mods designed for the Moto Z. But come the reveal date itself, Motorola only showed off an additional battery, a loud speaker, and a detachable projector. A Pro Camera mod, which actually added a separate camera to the smartphone, was later leaked to still be coming, along with an "Adventure" mod, which is practically a clear rugged enclosure for the device.

One of those might actually debut this week, again based on leaks. Hasselblad's teaser photo is vague enough that it can both confirm or refute that, depnding on how you look at it. It will be an interesting partnership, and one that hasn't been done before, Then again, a smartphone camera mod such as this has also been unheard of. LG's way was to simply add camera-like physical controls on the LG G5. The Pro Camera mod, on the other hand, is believed to add a more powerful lens and sensor.

Of course, it's not yet a sure deal, and what may have been interpreted as a Moto Mod might simply be a standalone camera. Sadly, the promise of a truly modular smartphone remains unfulfilled, and we await more exciting, not to mention convincing, mods and modules before we can at least claim that the dream has come true for a bit.

VIA: Pocket-lint