Moto Z Force vs. Galaxy S7 Active drop test showdown

One of the big claims with the Motorola Z Force smartphone is that the screen is unbreakable. That is a major claim and it will come as no surprise that someone has stepped dup to test that clam by pitting the Z Force against the Galaxy S7 Active. We've seen the S7 Active make it through a huge number of drops unscathed in the past, you can see that test here. This time out the Moto Z Force is getting compared to the Galaxy S7 Active to see who's tougher.

The first test up is a drop onto the back of the smartphones to see if either breaks. Both of the devices make it through the back drop with the Z Force actually sustained less in the way of scratches than the S7 Active did making it the winner. The next test is dropping the smartphones onto their bottoms.

In this test, both of the devices again survived unscathed with nothing other than some scuffs on the bottom of both devices. The S7 Active was declared the winner in this test. Next is dropping both devices onto their sides. In this test, both devices again survive with no major issues.

The S7 Active did make it through with fewer scuffs though giving it the win again. The next test is dropping both onto the screen sides. Both devices survive with little wear. The impressive part about the Moto Z force is that it looks like a normal phone whereas the S7 Active does look like a normal smartphone with a case installed. The final test was to drop the Moto Z Force to see if it could survive the same 50 drops onto its screen that the S7 Active survived. The Moto didn't even come close surviving only six drops before the screen stopped working with no video on the screen, but the screen didn't shatter.