Moto X nano-SIM support hinted in leaked image

Tomorrow will bring the official unveiling of the Moto X, which has been one of the most talked-about unreleased phones for the past couple of months. However, while we're still a day away from the revealing, that doesn't mean leaks will magically stop. In fact, the most-recent leak reveals that that Moto X will support nano-SIM.

What's perhaps most interesting is that nano-SIM slots are usually reserved for smaller or thinner phones, and from what we've seen from past leaked images of the Moto X, it's certainly not a small or thin phone by any means, which begs the questions of why Motorola chose nano-SIM.

Either way, the Moto X will join the iPhone 5 and ASUS PadFone Infinity as the only smartphones in the world to use a nano-SIM slot, so owners will no doubt have a piece of exclusivity when they get a hold of the Moto X, although having a nano-SIM slot isn't really something that most people would be super excited to brag about anyway.

Furthermore, swapping out SIM cards may not be as easy as other devices. Since the Moto X will use nano-SIM, it'll be a bit harder to take a SIM from another phone and use it in the Moto X. We've heard of instances before where people chop up their SIM cards to fit in smaller SIM trays (yours truly included), but we'll see how this will work out once the phone reaches the masses.

We expect to see the Moto X get revealed tomorrow. We've seen plenty of photos of the new phone, and it's pretty much all but officially announced. It's possible that many of the features we saw in the new DROID lineup last week will make their way to the Moto X, but it'll be anyone's guess as to what we'll see.

VIA: Android Community