Moto X Developer editions detailed

A bit more insight has been lent this week by Motorola on the Developer Editions of their new hero smartphone Moto X. This device will be released on several carriers here in the United States, but will also see developer-friendly iterations with several different sets of innards as well. It's been made clear that one version will be a general North America Developer Edition while a Verizon Wireless Developer Edition will be available this summer.

While there won't be developer editions for the other major carriers in the USA specifically, US Cellular, Spring, and T-Mobile Moto X devices will have unlockable bootloaders. This means developers (and hackers, if they decide to head in) will have a lot easier time making with the base modifications to the device right out of the box. At the moment it would appear that AT&T's edition of Moto X will have its bootloader locked.

The developer editions of Moto X will be available through Motorola's website after a series of steps to assure the company that you are indeed a developer. The Moto X in both of its developer editions comes with its bootloader unlocked and its warranty voided. This is the same as if you decide to unlock the bootloader yourself on one of the carrier editions – warranty gone to dust.

Have a peek at our hands-on with the Motorola Moto X and stay tuned for SlashGear's full review of the device coming up quick. This smartphone is Motorola's rebirth as a real live Google company, so it's gotta be big!

VIA: Android Community