Moto X college designs bring smartphones to students

Chris Burns - Mar 7, 2014
Moto X college designs bring smartphones to students

This week the folks at Motorola have revealed their next play for the Moto X, pushing a number of college-themed handsets out for this spring season. Each of this wild variety of Moto X machines will have custom colors by Motorola – combinations of three colors therein – while the logos of the schools will be provided by the company known as Uncommon. Users can choose to work with the clear case or without, sticking with their school’s colors regardless.

This set goes by the name “Collegiate Collection” and includes Wisconsin, Washington, University of Illinois, Washington State, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Texas A&M, Texas U, Tennessee, Stanford, Oregon, Purdue, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Missouri, Nebraska, and Michigan State. Also included on the list are Michigan, Miami, Memphis, Marshall, Louisiana State, Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas, James Madison, Gonzaga, Iowa State, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Georgetown, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Clemson, Arkansas, Auburn, Boston College, Arizona State, Alabama, and Arizona.


In addition to rolling with their school colors, students (with .edu email addresses) will be able to get a $60 discount on the phone itself. Meanwhile the cast by Uncommon will cost you a cool $34.95 USD emblazoned with your schools logo. Pre-set colors can be modified as well if you’re all about 2 of your school’s colors but not the third.

This push cuts the price from $399 to $339, provided you’re able to accept email with your .edu email address to receive the code Motorola will send you. You’ll also have to be 16 years of age or older – so no child prodigy students allowed!

Have a peek at our original Moto X review as well for content galore, as well as our massively extensive Moto X tag portal. Also feel free to continue dropping questions galore on this handset as we’re still using them on the daily now!


Also note that Motorola is looking for more schools to add to the mix. We must assume that they’ll kick Uncommon in the pants for additional cases if there’s enough demand for each new school, so send in requests if you’re all about a phone for the University of Minnesota!

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