Moto G4 vs Moto G4 Play - released today in the USA

This week the folks at Motorola have released the "Play" version of their Moto G4 for the USA. Our Moto G4 Review and Moto G4 Plus Review (2 in 1) should give you, the viewer, a good idea of what's in store. This new "Play" set has prompted Android users to ask whether Lenovo believes that it was Motorola's original strategy to release as many smartphones as possible all within as short a span as possible that made the Moto G popular in the first place. Regardless, every one of the Moto phones that've been revealed over the past several weeks are good, in their own unique ways, and we'll be delivering a closer look at the lot before they're in users' hands here on SlashGear.

In addition to the original Moto G4 Play, there'll be an Amazon edition called Moto G4 Play Prime Edition. This device – like the Prime Editions of the recent past – will be cheaper than the original Play, but will have Amazon's software experience inside. If a prospective buyer is the sort of person that uses Amazon for everything, this might be a good idea for them.

What's the difference between the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Play?

• Screen Size (5-inch Play, 5.5-inch G4)

• Resolution (720 Play, 1080 G4)

• Potential Storage (16 Play, 16/32 G4)*

• Processor (Snapdragon 410 Play, Snapdragon 617 G4)

• Back-facing camera (8MP Play, 16MP G4)

• Battery Size (2,800mAh Play, 3,000mAh G4)

*To be fair, though, both devices have an SD card slot, so both just START with 16 or 32GB.

These devices have the same amount of RAM, connectivity capabilities, Bluetooth (4.1), micro-USB port for charging and data transfer, ability to use Quick Charging technology, and they have basically the same software inside.

ABOVE: Moto G4 and G4 Plus – guess which is which!

The Moto G4 Play costs $50 less than the standard Moto G4. For users that keep a phone for 2+ years at a time, ponying up the extra $50 might be worth the cash. Based on our experience with the G4 and the G4 Plus, that's about the point they're going to want to stop. The G4 Plus has a display that's strangely less color-accurate than the standard G4 – and we've still yet to get an explanation as to why.

The Moto G4 Play Prime Edition will cost users $99.99 USD and it's up for pre-order right this minute through Amazon dot com. Users that wish to have a slightly more pure Android experience – without the Amazon – the Moto G4 Play will cost $149.99 USD.