Moto G with LTE surfaces on Amazon

Brittany A. Roston - May 12, 2014
Moto G with LTE surfaces on Amazon

Just ahead of Motorola‘s event tomorrow, a Moto G model with LTE has appeared sans fanfare on Amazon. The new models are listed as “Black Universal LTE” and “White Universal LTE”, and with them comes confirmation of a long-running suspicion.

It has been anticipated that Motorola would eventually roll out an LTE version of its budget smartphone, and considering the lack of an announcement to accompany the new product, we’ll likely hear about it officially tomorrow. It is possible the Amazon listing wasn’t supposed to go live yet. Update: Amazon has since pulled the Moto G LTE listing.

The LTE version is up for pre-order, and with it comes a higher price tag at $219.99 USD. The listing shows shipping as kicking off on June 30, so there’s still a bit over a month of waiting left.

This follows a recent listing that appeared of the oft-rumored Moto E, a model that falls more towards the lower-end than the Moto G. It is believed the Moto E will be revealed at Motorola’s event set for tomorrow, but such rumor is still unconfirmed.

SOURCE: Ubergizmo

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