Moto 360 design contest yields a possible new face

JC Torres - Jun 26, 2014, 7:53am CDT
Moto 360 design contest yields a possible new face

The Android Wear smartwatches may have already been officially announced, but Motorola seems to be not yet ready to go to market. In fact, it has just announced the winner of its watch face design contest, which could be featured on the smartwatch when it does launch.

The contest itself wasn’t exactly a high-profile one, but it skyrocketed into the public’s attention because its rules accidentally leaked out what might have possibly been the approximated retail value of the device, then noted to be $249, which, now that we know the other two’s prices, looks a tad expensive. Of course, Motorola denies that it would be the retail price of the smartwatch, though we have to yet see anything official to confirm or deny that.

Last week, the 10 finalists were revealed. They were chosen from among 1,300 submited designs by a panel of 6 judges, most of them the designers behind the Moto 360. These 10 were put to public scrutiny on Google+. The criteria was simple. The one with the most +1’s wins.

That winner is David Pascual, whose work is shown above. Of course, he will be awarded one of the very first Moto 360, again when it does come out. His design also has the chance to be featured on the device, though the wording seems to imply it’s not a 100 percent guarantee. It also definitely doesn’t say that it will be the official Moto 360 watch face, which would definitely be a bigger bragging right for the winner.

SOURCE: Motorola

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