Motion's Medical Tablet caught on film

Look, a new Tablet PC handbag!  Well, no, it's actually not much good for holding your lipstick and one of those tiny pens that are always so handy, but if you're strutting around a hospital you might fancy one of Motion's new C5 mobile clinical assistants.  That's a fancy name for a ruggedised tablet: 3lbs in weight, wipe-clean for those unpleasing urine spills, and a 2-megapixel camera for snapping pictures of the cute patients.In this video, shot by Scott Mase, Motion's Scott Eckert demonstrates the slinky $2199 machine.  I'd be very curious if my doctor whipped one of these out at my next consultation (not least because the NHS is so poor they're having to recycle dog hips into the elderly).Google Video [via Scobleizer]