Motherson and Aira form partnership to bring FreePower wireless charging to modern cars

Motherson Innovations Company Limited is making a strategic investment in Aira, Inc. to accelerate the development of wireless charging for car interiors. Aira is best known for its FreePower wireless charging technology, first seen in Nomad's Base Station Pro. Unlike traditional wireless chargers, Aira's FreePower can simultaneously charge multiple devices regardless of where the gadget is on the pad.

"Motherson is one of the world's largest and most forward-thinking automotive suppliers, and we share a common goal of enhancing the wireless charging experience and value proposition for vehicles," said Jake Slatnick, CEO and co-founder of Aira.

This new partnership aims to offer best-in-class wireless charging modules that are seamlessly integrated into new vehicle interiors. Motherson and Aira are working closely in developing, manufacturing, and supplying next-gen FreePower wireless charging modules that work without the constraints and limitations of existing wireless charging technology.

Aira began making noise in 2019 with the debut of Nomad's Base Station Pro, a wireless charging pad that works unlike any other in the market. It has an 18 coil matrix covering the entire surface of the pad, and the system can rapidly find and track any Qi-compatible device before initiating the charging sequence.

FreePower utilizes state-of-the-art circuitry and intelligent algorithms. The system can automatically detect where the device is and what charging voltage it supports before juicing up the battery, no matter where the device is on the pad.

Furthermore, FreePower eliminates the need to align your Qi-compatible gadgets on a charging pad's coils, and the technology is compatible with all major Qi devices from Google, Apple, and Samsung.

"We believe that FreePower represents the best-in-class Qi solution for in-vehicle wireless charging," said Edward Saenz de Viteri, Global Director of Business Development at Motherson Innovations. "It has already been deployed successfully in consumer devices, and its benefits for automotive are even more compelling."

Aira's FreePower is designed and engineered from the ground-up to deliver an innovative wireless charging solution. Unlike conventional wireless chargers, FreePower offers full-surface charging from corner to corner. "Our core mission is to find, support, and deploy the best technology solutions to automakers and Tier 1 suppliers," added de Viteri.

With Motherson and Aira's new strategic partnership, we can expect FreePower wireless charging to come standard in modern cars, with the possibility of integrating multiple charge pads within the cabin. FreePower's flexible platform will allow carmakers to integrate charging pads of various sizes and capacities to deliver a genuine wireless charging experience.

"Motherson's expertise and relationships will greatly accelerate our efforts to provide validated and certified wireless charging modules for vehicles worldwide," concluded Slatnick.