Moshi iGlaze Versacover for iPad 2 and 3 hands-on

This week at CTIA 2012 we've caught up with Moshi, also known as the "purveyor of electronics fashion" to see what new accessories they had on hand for the whole Apple world and beyond. We got to look at several new items from the group including the iGlaze Versacover for iPad, a lovely pair of earbuds by the name of Vortex Pro, and a brand new USB cord for your iPhone. First and foremost though here we want to take a look at the Versacover, a magnetic flip-cover for the front of your iPad 2 or iPad 3rd generation device that's what very much appears to be a next-level design for the discerning iPad owner.

We got Moshi's Jenniver Kurtz to speak with us about the product line as a whole first, then specifically about the iPad case – she noting that this case also works perfectly well with the rest of their iPad casing line. This line of devices is made to take the world of accessories to a whole new place, specifically well-designed for the user who desires uniqueness in their peripherals. The Versacover is not yet available on the market, but you can have a peek at it here:

The rest of the device you'll see in the gallery below. The unnamed Apple mobile device-capable charger you see is not yet available on the market and works with a press of the button in its center, rolling up its cords as you do so. The iPads you see Kurtz point to in the video are part of the vast collection of Moshi's iPad-capable protective gear. Finally the earbuds can be found in Moshi's online market along with the rest of the company's lovely and fashionable line of products – SOON! The page you'll be linked to there is one of the few "coming soon" laden pieces of the Moshi site, this along with the other new items you see above. Can't wait to check em all out!