Mortal Kombat X gameplay shared at E3 2014

Chris Burns - Jun 11, 2014
Mortal Kombat X gameplay shared at E3 2014

This afternoon we’re being treated to an early look at Mortal Kombat X via the games creators at NetherRealm at E3 2014. This game will be released well into the future, but today we’re seeing a version that looks entirely ready for release.

What you’ll see first is Sub-Zero fighting the two-character combo Ferra and Torr. Sub-Zero is set up with one of several modes he has available to him: Cryomancer – full of cold magic. Ferra/Torr rolls out with “Ruthless” – aiming to destroy their enemies with brute force. You’ll see Sub-Zero roll out on Ferra with a Fatality which freezes his innards, allowing the cold one to rip his insides out.

The second match you’ll have a peek at shows everyone’s favorite new character Cassie Cage. This is the child of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, having been born at some point before the timeline presented in Mortal Kombat 9. We’re to understand that this game starts at the end of Mortal Kombat 9 and continues up to 25 years later during the game and its outcomes.


Blade comes into this match with a “Spec Ops” style ready to bash her opponent with human-friendly moves. Guns and armor and all manner of police brutality.


D’Vorah also appears in this match with a “Swarm Queen” style. She’s got bug moves that appear to serve her well – including a stinger through the back of the head in through the mouth – until the end. The end of this match comes up with Cassie Cage bringing a Sonya-style fatality which uses bubblegum to great effect.


The final match we’ve got to show you today includes Ferra/Torr once again, right alongside a new fighter named Kotal Kahn. This fellow comes from a different dimension like Shao Kahn, here presenting his Sun God special abilities with great fineness. You’ll also see Ferra/Torr use a “Lackey” style which has the smaller fighter standing to the side while the match rolls on – he doesn’t do a whole lot at first, you’ll eventually see some blade-to-face superiority.

This match ends with a Kotal Kahn fatality of an entirely classic nature. Stabbing of the chest followed by a drinking of the blood. Stick around SlashGear for more in the near future – we’ll be rolling out the pain with Mortal Kombat X for some time to come.

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