More shiny stuff-The Diamond Lite LED Mirror

I think everyone has that part of their brain that just sees something shiny and is instantly attracted. I am always baffled by this, because as much as we like to hide it, we all do it every now and again. There is yet another thing you can categorize under "ooooh shiny", the Diamond Lite LED Mirror from BC Designs.

No, this time they aren't actual diamonds, they are just clusters of LED lights. The really nifty part is that not only is it backlit by those LED lights, but it is also splash-proof and the lights kick on with the wave of your hand. I really hope that it takes a little while for that sensor to kick off or it is hyper sensitive to movement, because I could just picture you're trying to hold really still and do something crazy with your eyeliner and the stupid lights kick off. That is just one way you really don't want to start off your day and men you probably know by now you really don't want us to get cranky in the morning.

I am actually fully aware that some people wake up super perky and nothing could possibly bother them. However, please let me believe it's just a myth because I am not one of those people. Unfortunately this light is priced at around $700. A pretty hefty chunk of change for a mirror, but you like your shiny stuff and have the cash you might as well snag it.

Diamond Lite LED Mirror [via GadgetCandy]