More Samsung Mongoose (Exynos M1) SoC benchmarks hit the web

It's increasingly hard for Samsung to keep data about its upcoming products from leaking onto the internet ahead of the official unveil. The latest leak from Samsung is claimed to be some new benchmarks of its upcoming SoC called Mongoose. Mongoose is said to be a new Exynos processor using a new CPU architecture.

The Mongoose SoC is also known as the Exynos M1, which we have seen leaked benchmarks on before. The chip has custom CPU cores for improved performance and efficiency and could be the Exynos 8890 when it goes into production, but its real name remains to be seen.

Recently an image turned up on Weibo claiming to show some benchmarks from the Mongoose processors. The benchmarks claim that a Mongoose running at 2.3 GHz scored 2294 points in single-thread test and 6,908 points in multi-thread testing.

In power saving mode the chip racked up 1710 points in single-thread test and 4896 in multi-threaded tests. Running the same tests in ultra power saving mode scores 1100 in single and 3209 in multi thread tests via GeekBench. This isn't the first time that alleged benchmarks for these tests have leaked and there are improvements in this round of benchmarks indicating Samsung is improving the chip's performance. We still don't know when the processor will launch inside a device consumers can purchase.

SOURCE: Sammobile