Samsung Exynos M1 SoC discovered in benchmark

Samsung has already unveiled this year's lineup of new Galaxy S and Note devices, but like any big tech company these days, it's already working on what's to come down the line, in this case their system on a chip (SoC). The first signs of the next processor in Samsung's Exynos line has turned up, tentatively called the M1. The chip's data has turned up in benchmark scores from Geekbench, revealing 8 custom CPU cores.

The listing for the SoC in Geekbench's database shows that it was tested on a device called the Samsung LUCKY-LTE, and features a motherboard by the name of "universal8890." If the listing really is for the Exynos M1, it stands to reason that it could be released as the "Exynos 8890," following Samsung's naming convention.

The processor is listed with 8 cores, with the processor ID identified as an ARM implementer 83 architecture. To compare, the HTC One M9 uses ARM implementer 65 architecture, and the Snapdragon 820 is believed to use ARM implementer 81 architecture.

While the scores for the M1 are surely not from the final CPUs, and shouldn't be indicative of a consumer release, it currently rates much better than the Snapdragon 820. There's no word on when we might see more of the M1, but Qualcomm is said to be preparing a new sample of the Snapdragon 820 for sometime in October.

VIA G for Games

SOURCE Geekbench