More Pandora on the move: Zing WiFi player

Want mobile Pandora but don't want to shell out for a Sprint contract?  Then you'll likely be interested in the music company's Zing prototype, a customised SanDisk device running the track prediction software.  TechCrunch's Michael Arrington got to play with one, finding it "longer and thinner" than the SanDisk Sansa Connect and otherwise very mysterious.


There's still no decision on whether the device will feature a hard-drive.  Now that could be a deal breaker for people in areas not well served by blanket WiFi; while internal storage would add bulk, weight and price, it would also allow for a temporary cache of music for those times you wander out of coverage.  In that sense, the Sprint service makes more sense, perhaps, since their Power Vision network is far more pervasive than WiFi.

TechCrunch [via Gizmodo]