OnePlus 3 images leak again, showing off type-c connector

Leaks about the OnePlus 3 smartphone keep on coming; the lasts leak is a series of six photos that are claimed to be of a prototype device. If this is actually a prototype OnePlus 3 smartphone, its final design could change significantly or the images could be bogus altogether. The first image shows a shot of what appears to be the phones left side with a single slider, presumably for power, on it.

The second shot shows the bottom of the smartphone with a USB Type-C port for charging and a speaker grille. A headphone port is also located on the bottom. There are extra openings on the bottom with one to the right of the speaker grille, one to the right of the USB port, and one to the right of the headphone port that might be for microphones.

The back of the device is plain with the camera in the center and an LED flash underneath. The smartphone does still look a lot like an HTC One. There are no buttons or ports on the top of the smartphone. The front side of the device shows the home button at the bottom, presumably acting as a fingerprint reader, the front camera, and the ear speaker.

Back on May 9, some images of a prototype device leaked and the phone was inside a strange case and had a sticker covering the serial number. This new leak left that serial number uncovered for all to see. I'd wager this would allow OnePlus to figure out whom the smartphone was assigned to. The OnePlus 3 has been tipped to come in two versions with one version packing 6GB of RAM and the other packing 4GB of RAM. The higher-end version is tipped to use a Snapdragon 820 processor.