More GT500 leaks hint at 200mph top speed

Shane McGlaun - Jan 2, 2018
More GT500 leaks hint at 200mph top speed

There have been a lot of rumors coming out of Ford of late about special Mustangs coming down the pipe. We most recently spied some blurry pics appearing to show a Bullitt Mustang shooting a video. There are also several rumors out there about a new GT500 Mustang in the works.

We don’t have any blurry images of the GT500 itself, but some artwork and details of the engine in the car have surfaced thanks to a few leaks via the OEM service portal. The images show the engine expected to be under the hood of the car. Word is that the beast is a supercharged 5.2L V8 making in the area of 750hp.

Looking closely at the engine, reports indicate it’s set up for the 10-speed auto co-developed with GM and used on the Camaro ZL1. Some other rumors sound cool but are a bit questionable. An image of a speedometer command flowchart turned up indicating a top speed north of 200mph. Anyone who’s ever driven a car knows that just because the speedo says 200mph certainly doesn’t mean the car will do that speed.

Another image talks about the brakes on the GT500 and specifically calls out ceramic brake pads. Some are interpreting this as a carbon ceramic brake system, which is not what a ceramic brake pad is. You can buy ceramic brake pads for just about any vehicle out there and they pair up with plain old brake rotors.

The biggest reason that carbon ceramic brakes are unlikely on the GT500 is cost, they add massively to the price tag and even a high-end Mustang must be in the realm of affordability. Another image tips damper control modes hinting at Magnetic Ride Control like the GT350 offers. The GT500 could be the ride Ford plans to show off at an event at its HQ right before the Detroit auto show.


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