More Fabulous Xbox Kinect Ads Including Xbox LIVE Interaction [Videos]

Chris Burns - Oct 22, 2010
More Fabulous Xbox Kinect Ads Including Xbox LIVE Interaction [Videos]

Hooray! They’re releasing the ads like wild wombats out of a gunnysack, all of them for the Xbox Kinect which they say will change OUR ENTIRE LIVES. Yes indeed, no doubt that it will, at least the way we look at playing video games at home. Just [yesterday] we shared with you the first video, one that now appears to have been a chopped up version of the following videos which are categorized as Kinect for Xbox 360 (all encompassing), Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, and the extremely exciting video about what might be a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment: Xbox LIVE with Kinect.

This Kinect device will allow users to be their own controller. It seems to me, and I’m sure quite a few other people, to be a dubious claim, but hey! Look at the videos! It looks like it’s working just fine, yes? With a launch date of November 4th in the USA and November 10th in the UK, you’d expect that they’ve got all their ducks in a row, having this thing packaged and ready to ship out the door Willy Wonka style. By the looks of it, it’s going to be both a riot and a revolution in gaming. For those of you who still like to sit back with a nice controller and move your thumbs only: this isn’t for you. If you like to go wild and crazy and have lots of fun, well, then, it appears that you’re about to be having a lot of fun.

Take a peek through this collection of videos and keep your eyes peeled for specific games and movements of the people being filmed. This should give you evidence enough to see what the first wave of interactivity will be. Pay the CLOSEST attention to the Xbox LIVE video, as it not only has people jumping and flipping around, it’s got people interacting with things like video, music, photos, and everything, using things like their hand to move through menues and chat with friends. If this is all that it seems to be, it’s definitely very exciting stuff.

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