Microsoft Kinect’s First Official TV Ad Goes Live [Video]

Evan Selleck - Oct 21, 2010
Microsoft Kinect’s First Official TV Ad Goes Live [Video]

Now that we know the 17 Kinect-capable titles heading to the controller-free peripheral in 2010, and we know just how to set up our living rooms to get the best playing experience, it’s time that we finally get our eyes on an official TV advertisement from Microsoft. While there’s been other commercials out there, apparently they weren’t the “official” kind. But, Microsoft has finally unveiled the first official TV ad for Kinect, showcasing the human side of it.

As far as the advertisement itself goes, it’s pretty straight forward: you are the controller. It’s the same mantra that Microsoft has repeated since the Kinect dropped that Project Natal title, and went official. The ad actually doesn’t even show the Kinect unit until the end of it. Instead, it focuses on the humans as they interact with it. It’s the same tactic that Nintendo has utilized with the Nintendo Wii, showing how people have fun playing with it, instead of just showing some hardware. Whether or not that works is probably up for debate.

Microsoft’s Kinect is set to launch in the United States on November 4th, and in the UK on November 10th. You can check out the advertisement below in all of its video glory.


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