More Apple MacBook touch fan renders: just build it already!

Chris Davies - Jul 24, 2009, 2:51 am CDT
More Apple MacBook touch fan renders: just build it already!

With all the renewed talk of an Apple touchscreen MID or “Media Pad” recently, it’s about time we saw another decent mockup of what such a device might look like.  Happily notorious Apple renderer Isamu Sanada has delivered just that, with what he calls the MacBook touch.

Sanada expects the device to be B5-sized, or approximately 5 x 7.25 inches, and with similar styling to the iPod touch and iPhone.  In keeping with the recent rumors about the Apple Media Pad, it would be dominated by a large, capacitive touchscreen and bridge the gap between Apple’s smartphone and PMP range and their full-sized notebooks.

Interestingly, the concept shows a mixture of both desktop OS X and the cut-down version of the platform used on the iPod touch.  The standard icon screen from the PMP is more a launcher here, with the usual Apple-logo menu up in the top left-hand corner. 

Whether this is what the tipped 8 to 9-inch touchscreen device will actually be like is anyone’s guess, but we’re suckers for a decent mock-up.  According to the latest leaks, however, we could find out before the end of the year; a launch with Verizon providing integrated EVDO Rev.A connectivity is suggested.

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