Moov wearable fitness tracker tells you how to improve

Chris Burns - Feb 27, 2014, 11:35am CST
Moov wearable fitness tracker tells you how to improve

So you’ve seen – and possibly have worn – several wearable fitness trackers in the past. What’s next? One possibility for the first in a new generation of fitness wearables may be here in Moov, a device that, in addition to tracking your activities, is able to analyze and suggest improvements. “Shorten your stride,” it’s able to say through iPhone’s Siri, “and land softer.”

The center of this Moov brand is a tiny disk. This little disk is able to be mounted or worn, attached to your wrist for boxing, your arm for pull-ups, or your leg for running. Attaching Moov to your golf club allows you to analyze your swing, while attaching Moov to your arm while you’re balancing during Yoga allows you to see your balance (on an iPad) in real-time. Have a peek at this video to see this all playing out:

This disk will be working with iOS right out of the box. With the iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone, users will have both full-screen and Siri support, and the initial app will be free. The device itself will sell for a cool $120 USD, and that won’t include fitness workouts.

While the initial app includes much of the tracking you’re seeing above, a number of fitness workout video expansions will be available for a fee. Each additional workout will cost an amount of cash, and they’ll look a little something like what you’re about to see.

This project is in pre-order phase right this moment, getting funding in a slightly less traditional manner than we’ve seen in the past – but for early funders this will be a significant discount opportunity, so to speak. One Moov device will cost $59.95 while a couple of devices will cost $99.95, and a set of three will cost $49.95 apiece. It’s only after retail “kicks in” that the $120 range will appear.

“In the package: 1 Moov, 1 charger, 1 wrist band and 1 ankle band. You can choose your color after this campaign ends.” – Moov

In other words, this is more akin to a crowdfunded venture like we’ve seen on Kickstarter than it is a traditional pre-order. The folks at Mushroom Labs LLC are pumped up about the possibilities, and we’ll certainly be seeing a whole lot more of them in the near future.

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