Moody black iMac to arrive at WWDC?

Lest you forget, the iPhone wasn't the only rumour to be perpetually orbiting Apple.  For a while now desktop Mac fans have felt a little left-out, with no black Intel-powered iMac to entertain them.  Apple in Zoom seems pretty convinced (though it's not made entirely certain why) that during the WWDC convention in San Francisco a new, slimmer iMac will be appearing on stage.

Expected to be an incremental upgrade rather than full rehash, the new iMac would now be available in both black and white, boast a little of the reduced girth thanks in no small part to the increasing expertise of Apple's engineers and designers from their work on the laptop range, and likely be packed full of Core 2 Duo goodness.

Personally, I'm not so sure about the black.  I think it suits a dinky notebook, but looks far too obelisk-like on the desk for my tastes.  It's ironic, actually, when you think that not so long ago Apple was credited with encouraging PC manufacturers to think outside the boring beige and black with their fresh designs.  Just goes to show how fashion goes in cycles.

Latest rumor: Black iMac on scene again [Apple in Zoom]